Monday, 15 September 2014

Hold Tight, Sleep is in sight!

Since my little bundle of love was 4months she slept through the night. Some say I'm really lucky, I am, not through lack of trying, however I do know a few babies that have slept through from the start, very rare all be it.
From early on I tried everything in my power to get her through the night, you name it, I tried it. 
However, the only thing I didn't try was routine. I like order, planning and consistency but routine isn't common in my house.
Ive let her decide when she needs feeding from early on, then one day it dawned on me, she was going up to 6 hours between feeds during the day, therefore needing a bottle every few hours at night to make up for lost ounces during the day. 
I had a battle on my hands but I had to put a routine in place. The only person who was going to teach her that we eat in the day and sleep at night, was me.
It was difficult, Babies and small children only take 3 days to fall in and out of a habit, so whatever you do, remember that.
By the power of persuasion I managed to get her feeding at 7,11,3 & 7, give or take! At one point she was having 5 bottles so one more was squeezed in there somewhere! 
As soon as we cracked that, there it was, bath bottle bed at 7.30pm, Morning 7am! 
Don't get me wrong, she does sometimes wake for a dummy but I can live with that!
Then soon after, the routine slipped, I went back to feeding when she is hungry but she still sleeps through.
Words of advice, as soon as you stop trying, it works!
The same rules apply when she isn't well too, we go through the motions again.

Good luck Mummies & Goodnight!

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