Monday, 14 October 2013

Feeling like the end is in sight.

30 weeks Tomorrow. I'm starting to feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel. 
Baby is moving about and kicking me more than ever, which I feel awful saying but it feels so odd and at times I'm a little unsure if I like it? It's so lovely and reassuring to have a little prod every now and then, but the full on punch and kicks really make me jump! I'm such a wimp for pain (she says 10 weeks prior to birth) and I think In my head is the next blow to my belly button going to hurt? Strange I know but it's all so new still.
My mum is organising a baby shower for me and I'm looking forward to that, although I'm itching to go and buy everything I need but have been told I need to leave some things so people can buy them for me, I find this hard because I don't expect presents at all!
I believe I only have one more social event on the calendar that requires a dress, a smile and repeated answers to the same questions. I'm looking forward to it but by god do I wish I wasn't pregnant just for these occasions, ok I lie, I wish to not be pregnant at all anymore but social events with alcohol really add insult to injury!
Speaking with a friend today about her birthday plans cheered me up immensely, mostly because it's a date in my diary I WON'T be pregnant for and will very much look forward to. It feels like everyone either got married or had a party this year, guess what, Danni was pregnant for all of them! 
The paint and wallpaper is all ready to go and waiting for Daddy and Grandad! How long I'll wait for this day to come is anybody's guess. DB took down the spare bed in what will be the nursery but is yet to store it somewhere. I don't stress over this anymore though, as the longer baby doesn't have a nursery, the longer baby can stay in Mummy and Daddy's room and keep Daddy awake!... I think I can hear DB running up the stairs as I type! 
I always get what I want eventually, don't I dear... 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

11 weeks to go and counting!

I can't believe it's 11 weeks (I hope) left!
I feel like when next Tuesday comes it'll  really be countdown time.
As much as I've wished this along, and believe me, I can't wait for it to be over, it's gone so quick for me. 
I believe working is the key, trying to keep a normal balance of life and carrying on as normal has made the time fly by.
The hardest thing for me at the moment, apart from the lingering heartburn and tiredness, is the constant conversation.
People think I'm being stroppy or I'm not excited but I really want to talk about eastenders or the latest gossip in heat magazine or even my clients exciting social life, with just a bit of pregnancy thrown in. I think if I worked in a office it would be easier, I think people would be along on the journey every day with me, but when you see 25 people in a week, once every 6 weeks, i know they are only showing care and interest, but for me, I'm just repeating myself all day!
I've never enjoyed talking about myself at the best of times but when the baby is actually here I believe then, I have a topic for conversation, until then I just have a bump. A bump I take everywhere but before you ask, no, I don't know how the baby is because I can't see him/her anymore than you can. 

11 weeks and counting until I am moan free (of pregnancy) and having sleepless nights with my long awaited angel.