Sunday, 20 September 2015

It's been a while...

To everybody that has recently read my blog, thank you, I cringe in my seat whilst being truly grateful for your kind words. I never intended to write this for people to read but some how it seemed silly not to publish? I assumed I wouldn't be the "only one".

I'm sorry it's been a while!!! Our little journey kind of plateaux for a while and everything was running smoothly when..... THE TERRIBLE TWOS reared its ugly head and said "hey, you thought this was easy but I'm here to remind you it's not!". 
It's always challenging to be a parent, I knew that, to be honest I am in a minority I think, she is such a good girl with a kind heart and compared to some, she sleeps through and has in the last few months begun to understand things I say. DB underestimates her, which I believe will bite him on the bum for years to come! She knows what I mean when I say "no" or "pick that up", even "naughty" rings a few bells! 
I think it has made a breakthrough for us all, we still have that lack of communication, so we can tell her but she can't tell us. I cannot wait until she can talk to me properly. She says quite a few words now and I love that I can understand things that others can't, I always thought it cute when I'd see mummy's do that! but it's that moaning sound when you don't know what their saying, so they resort to pointing and screwing up their face, as if to insinuate "I understand your jibber but pointing with an annoying moan is difficult!?"
I enjoy her just as much as I always have. I have no battles with her sleep unless she is teething or coming down with something, she only has 6 more teeth to come, I believe, so that will eliminate one cause. 
I think because she now understand when I say no, she thinks she can also tell me no! Errrr no sweetheart I tell you no! I think it's important to differentiate between NO that's going to kill you and NO that's really annoying, the latter being the time when I would just usually try and distract her rather than just yell No 50 thousands times a day, it's for my own sanity too! 

She has her own mind, she knows what she wants and by God will she get it. I have NO idea where she gets that from!?!? (Smiles sweetly).

The twos are going to either break me down piece by piece or make me love my strong willed girl more and more each day, I think there's going to be a bit of both to be had! 

She loves all things I do, shopping and shoes being a few, much to DB's disapproval. Im glad he doesn't know where half my shoes are hidden if he thinks A has too many! 

I'll be back soon I promise!