Thursday, 26 September 2013

Is it me? Or them?

Some days are harder than others, issues that once upon a time would have been brushed off and never given a second thought, now linger. It's seems everything feels worse? 
The truth is, no one else has changed, you have. Not in a bad way just in a, well, more sensitive way. I take everything to heart now, read between every single line and think about things 20 times a day, mull it over, pick it apart, make it something it isn't. It's drives DB mad, but I just need someone to say 'don't worry, everything's fine' that's what I fish for from him, but I think he gets tired of repeating himself! 
Some days I'm more sensitive than others, or I could start the day absolutely fine, then end it feeling absolutely low. It's nice if you have friends that either are or have been pregnant, to chat to because they get it.
Which brings me to the friends and or associates that don't have children or haven't experienced pregnancy. Most are understanding, some even go out of their way to understand and really get on board with you, while the few remain that don't get it, never will and refuse to believe your anything but moody, over exaggerating and not the person they knew before. You have to ignore these people. One day they might be in your shoes and you can let them feel how you do now.
The whole journey is an emotional roller coaster and you just have to keep telling yourself that you need those positive understanding people around you, don't worry about the others, because soon you'll have your beautiful baby and all those negative people will fade into the distance and won't matter at all! 
Giving out good advice is always easier than using it.

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