Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Getting back on track!

A is almost 15 months now and I can honestly say, now, we've got it together! 
Since she turned one we have just figured it all out. Well, almost all of it! 
Don't get me wrong, some days we've totally got by on the wing but mostly I'd say we've got there. 
I know a little bit more of what she does and she's figuring out how to communicate with me a little better.
It's still tough some times, no one said it would be easy! I'm not one of these mums that's afraid to ask, nor am I afraid to say it's hard and some nights during teething and colds I could have rang a grandparent! But I think that's normal, everyone I speak to has these moans, I think it's why we meet up for coffee with friends and sit near the door when Daddy's due home! 
I'm back into the gym again, I started personal training when she was 10 weeks old and I did really well but the lack of sleep drove me to the nearest sugar fix and that stopped me really achieving my goals. Sometimes it just has to be that day you get up and think, right, today I change. For me it was The new year, I decided I didn't want to feel tired and sluggish, I didn't want to feel like my jeans were too tight or that a bikini this summer wasn't an option!
I still have naughty days, today was one of those days! 
I drink green tea religiously, no more Yorkshire for me! I actually don't like normal tea at the moment? Not to say that won't change but it's not my cup of tea right now! I drink protein shakes for breakfast, they have to be at least 300 calories to get you through till lunch, none of these slimming shakes you pick up in the supermarket.
I don't snack on bad food either, I found myself having lots of biscuits and the biscuits obviously accompanied the tea which also had sugar in so without the tea alone, I'm down at least 5 sugars a day and God knows how much less from the biscuits! Once you get on that train it's easy but giving up your favourite things is hard!
I feel better in myself now, that's not to say it wasn't easy, the first week I hit hard, shakes for breakfast and lunch and a proper dinner, no snacks just water and green tea, my stomach thought my throat had been cut! The second week got easier and so on.
I'm 6 pounds off of my goal weight but I'm ok with that, I'm training hard, lifting and doing weight training at least 3-4 times a week and loving it, my shape has changed, my jeans fit nice and I've tried on some old dresses and they fit like a glove! I'm ready for a night out and bring on my summer holiday! I still have a way to go but things can only go up from here, right?
The tough times come when we're going through teething or colds, lack of sleep isn't good and it knocks our ability to function as we usually would like, so to all the mummies that find it hard, your not alone and your time to lose weight and eat well, will come, but don't expect it to with sleepless nights looming, your body needs energy and that's where the sugar comes in!
People ask all the time if I'm having another one, I will, just not now. We are pretty much there now and I'm feeling good with my parenting and with myself so to stop that now would be silly. We will expand our family and A will have a brother or sister but in due course and when I feel ready to dedicate everything I have to two children. I feel confident that my life with A is balanced well and we just got here, so we're staying here for a while! 
Don't be afraid to remember who you were before and bring her back to fit in with your new life as a mum, she's still there.

Love & tired hugs x x x x 

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