Monday, 15 September 2014

Hold Tight, Sleep is in sight!

Since my little bundle of love was 4months she slept through the night. Some say I'm really lucky, I am, not through lack of trying, however I do know a few babies that have slept through from the start, very rare all be it.
From early on I tried everything in my power to get her through the night, you name it, I tried it. 
However, the only thing I didn't try was routine. I like order, planning and consistency but routine isn't common in my house.
Ive let her decide when she needs feeding from early on, then one day it dawned on me, she was going up to 6 hours between feeds during the day, therefore needing a bottle every few hours at night to make up for lost ounces during the day. 
I had a battle on my hands but I had to put a routine in place. The only person who was going to teach her that we eat in the day and sleep at night, was me.
It was difficult, Babies and small children only take 3 days to fall in and out of a habit, so whatever you do, remember that.
By the power of persuasion I managed to get her feeding at 7,11,3 & 7, give or take! At one point she was having 5 bottles so one more was squeezed in there somewhere! 
As soon as we cracked that, there it was, bath bottle bed at 7.30pm, Morning 7am! 
Don't get me wrong, she does sometimes wake for a dummy but I can live with that!
Then soon after, the routine slipped, I went back to feeding when she is hungry but she still sleeps through.
Words of advice, as soon as you stop trying, it works!
The same rules apply when she isn't well too, we go through the motions again.

Good luck Mummies & Goodnight!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Weaning.. Baby Led Weaning!

When a friend passed me the 'Baby led Weaning' book by Gill Rapley, my first thoughts were, Baby Led what now?
I wasn't keen. The Grandparents weren't either, in the slightest.
I can honestly say if I hadn't seen my friend practice it, I wouldn't have known about it and A may have been living on those Jars, full of additives and no taste.
When A was 5 months, much to the books disapproval, I tried her on baby rice, this sufficed for a week and then she was bored, I moved on to banana, which when given to her, looked like I had given her a lemon instead, not a winner! So shortly after I tried her with watermelon chunks that she sucked on, pineapple, apple (lovely on the gums) and toast. We soon progressed, to marmite, peanut butter and Jam! 
I felt like I came to a halt a while after and I said to a friend, I just don't know what to give her, the reply she have me was simple, anything! 
Now, within reason I do give her anything! Just always remember no added salt or sugar and just check that anything shop bought has a low content of both.
The book recommends no spoon feeding, barring most food, I don't. However I cannot sit back, personally, and watch A, launch spaghetti bolonaise over the side of the high chair! I'm getting better though! 
In the mornings we share porridge, to which I spoon feed but she always has some finger food too, like some toast fingers or a crumpet! I've done this since 6months! No choking has taken place and she eats so well.
I find that for us, socially, we can eat dinner together at the table, A is involved and I don't have to let mine go cold, whilst shoveling her food she doesn't want or need. Baby Led is exactly what it says on the tin, she decides when she's done with her food, not me.
She's starting to show less interests in her bottles now, I am going to let literally push them away, I won't decide for her. This is all part of "baby led".
From the minute Babies are born, they decide when they want milk and when they are finished, so why take that away from them because you think a jar is the amount they should have?
Anyway, buy the book, I recommend highly and so did my health visitor. 
You'll also be suprised how many people have done or are doing it when you talk about it, equally, others look at you blankly!

Choosing what's right.

I always asked a friend if I ever wasn't sure, it's such a journey and even if you know someone else did or does what you do, it's comforting.
I'm a firm believer in 'you get what you pay for'. I can be a snob, I never do things by halves if I'm doing it for A. She gets the best of whatever I can give her.
I've not changed from Pampers Nappies, although a friend told me about Asda's little angels nappies, which are half the price and much to my suprise were actually just as good as Pampers! Doesn't stop me picking up the Pampers though! Just a label girl, I don't judge others I just think if you can, then do. 
It may have been pure coinsodence but soon after I trialed the little angels, A got her first dose of Nappy Rash. Was awful, she didn't seem to bothered but to me it looked so sore.
I used sudo cream as standard but it didn't touch the sides, I researched and asked friends and as a result came across Metanium, they have an everyday cream and an ointment for treatment. I bought both, when it was gone I didnt want it to return. 
The Metanium has a strange texture, it's almost as thick and dry in texture as peanut butter, smooth not crunchy. It's yellow In colour and I'd read a lot of people complaining about the staining it causes, but for me, that was a small price to pay for my girl to have a soft, comfy bum to land on again! 
Plus, when your weaning, what don't you have to soak for 24hours in the sink! I believe it was a combination of weaning and teething that caused the Nappy Rash anyway.
Thumbs up to Metanium because it cleared overnight!! 

Learning as we grow. Together.

From the start, it honestly felt natural.
I always knew id wing it, I didn't and still don't know what I'm doing and neither does she. A is a pretty 'textbook' baby, she's not, to this day caused me any "hair pulling" situations or anything I can't conclude.

From the beginning I went by recommendation when it came to food and Nappies, I personally think, you have to choose the product you see as best and stick too it. I believe that I got away with tummy aches and nappy rash because I was consistent. Her milk was always given to her at different temperatures but always Aptamil. Her Nappies always pampers and her wipes always Johnson's sensitive. 

Speaking of Milk at different temperatures, when using powdered formula, always be aware that if it's not boiled water that's slightly cooled, it won't mix properly. We had found out the hard way when the milk wasn't getting through the teat. Lesson quickly learnt. 

The only thing I would do different, I used to make up powdered bottles when I was at home and during the night, as we started going out more and more it seemed easier to buy the ready made cartons. Little did I know she would become a custom to this luxury milk, that now, costs me £30 a week! But, what the little lady wants, the little lady gets. 

Life is about choices, I always want her to make her own choices, especially when it comes to food. That's why I chose Baby Led Weaning.

Always choose what you think is right and stick with it. You are Mum, you will always know best.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Falling in Love, like never before.

Im sorry I haven't posted for 9months!!!!
As all new mummies know, your life takes on a whole new meaning and whilst all the best intentions have been made to inform you all of my journey so far, my memory as per, has been officially 'shot to bits'! 

So I last left you at my pre labour nerves... Well it's true what they say, that baby sure enough, comes when you are as much good and ready as they are!

I was four days over due, I typically assumed I'd go into labour during the night, took all the necessary precautions to make sure my beloved bed saw it through the unknown. Much to my suprise and maybe my being a tad naive, I woke up that Saturday morning and said to myself, still no baby!!!!! 

DB was still snoring in bed and I took myself downstairs for a cuppa and my porridge and tweeted my disappointment at another day passing with still no baby!
I felt very at peace that day though, I decided it was going to be a good day and I would do something productive, little did I know that I definitely would do something productive! 

By 11.06am I was siting on my labour ball and thinking, hmmmm... Not sure what that twinge means? I didn't wake DB up, I thought to myself it's probably Braxton Hicks, for all of you that have experienced "Braxton Hicks" I don't know about you, but during my pregnancy it seemed like every feeling or twinge or even pain was branded Braxton bloody Hicks!!!
DB woke up not long after though and I had already timed 3, 10 minutes apart each time and was starting to wonder if this was the real deal!
DB started running around like a headless chicken preparing everything for me. Meanwhile I ran a bath, put some nice face cream on and put my hair up nicely, not knowing what the day would bring.
At this stage you mentally prepare for the worst, you lead yourself to believe that it will be the longest day of your life. In reality, it went so quick.

I ended up going to St Peter's in Maldon, I can only speak highly of the maternity ward, the staff and my whole experience. I actually miss the whole day, it was so special I want to do it all over again!?!... I know!!!! 

By 6pm I was in the birthing pool and at 7.07pm my beautiful Baby was born, I never in my life, have felt such instant love and overwhelming feelings for this little person In my arms, in what felt like an eternity waiting for a breath, DB said "it's a girl!!!" .. The most magical moment of my life, I had a gorgeous baby girl.

I loved her. Right there and then, I loved her so much it hurt. I always will, as a parent, somehow that love just gets bigger and bigger and just when you think you can't love them anymore you do. It's amazing, she's amazing and life is amazing.