Friday, 21 November 2014


A has had lots of colds, 2 chest infections and now bronchiolitis. 
She started getting a little cough and the first night, slept for 13 hours. Then by the 3rd day I thought, this isn't a cold she has a chest infection again. I made an appointment to see a doctor, you can't prepare yourself for a doctor to say "I don't know why she has a temperature so you need to go to the hospital". 
Unfortunately, what I thought would need a few days of antibiotics, actually has to ride itself out, antibiotics don't touch a viral infection such as bronchiolitis. So my poor baby has a horrendous cough that sometimes makes her choke and lose her breath. 
According to the nurse at the hospital, 6 other babies had been in with Bronchiolitis that day, it doesn't make it any better but it's sometimes nice to know that what your child has, isn't uncommon! It's also likely to be caught in the months October to March and in babies under 1! So A is text book! 

The sleepless nights can make you feel like a tired mess. Every time she wakes up I can't deny I love the cuddles but I pray for a quick go back to sleep! 
She sleeps at funny times in the day too, when she has a cold. Always remember we heal best when we sleep, so put the routine on hold and let her sleep it off whenever she wants too.

A hates calpol, Nurofen, ibriprofen or anything related to making her better! The calpol works so quick at bringing her temperature down but I cannot and she will not let me give it to her, I've tried 100 different ways and each are as traumatising as the last, for her and myself! 
Every cough breaks your heart. You do everything you can to keep them away from colds but they still find their way in and after A gets it, guaranteed I will too. Then we are in trouble!

With every hurdle, as long as you do everything you can, your always being the best you can.

Hang in there xxx

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