Sunday, 17 November 2013

Come a long way.

35 weeks... I've wished the time away since day dot, now, I'm scared! 
Not scared because my life's going to change, not scared because I'm running out of time and I'm not prepared, because i am. I'm getting scared because it's around this time that ladies like to share their colourful labour stories, which, quite frankly, I wish they didn't.
A lot has happened since I last checked in, I had a hellish week at 32, I was in tears most nights in so much pain, I saw a nurse who said "well things are growing and moving about in there, it's bound to be uncomfortable" No. No no, I'm in PAIN, I'm not about to drop so why am I reduced to tears? Well she said if I was worried I should call the midwife, obviously I was worried!? So then I was refered to the DAU and spent the afternoon hooked up to the ECG checking for bumps heart rate and movements, to then be told, the baby's doing great you can go...??  Well I know that, I could have told you that, it's me that's not great?! So away I went, no further to concluding my pain. A day later I rang the midwife in tears, she said it sounded like a urine infection and to see a doctor immediately. They couldn't fit me in as per, so the following day I waited nearly two hours to see a doctor, who did in fact confirm it was a urine infection that I had pretty much seen through on my own but he gave me antibiotics to clear any lasting infection. Thank god. Why is it you have to chase things along yourself?? 
After this though, DB has been like a new man! He was always helpful anyway but now, the kitchen always sparkles and he's even attempting some cooking! Love him! 
He also arranged his friend to paint the nursery and my lovely Dad came to wallpaper, he hasn't wallpapered in about 10 years, he wouldn't wallpaper my lounge or even my bedroom while the paste was wet, but by god, anything for the grandchild :) it looks amazing though, my dad is a real perfectionist, so that wallpaper is staying there indefinitely!
This weekend DB is putting together all the furniture and I've been washing baby clothes! I love seeing little mittens and hats on the radiator! 
Today Mum and I are going to pick up the buggy, it's all coming together! 
5 weeks till D Day....